Calling representative

Faster approach to the market - calling representative

Have you ever consider to spread information faster and don´t believe in mailing anymore?
Have you ever been in tight squeeze and had a different priorities?
Have you got into situation you needed to organise product recall and you were really in a hurry?

Does slowing down market hinder your development? New tool how to address clients mostly not called by usual Sales Representatives. Calling representative (CR) is placed either in his/her home office, so there is no need to assign new space for this staff or in a Call centre.
Qualities or competencies to look for when hiring new CRs are strong communication skills, including good voice quality, grammar and articulation, ability to work well with the public as well as ability to adopt a customer perspective. The training areas include writing and telephone skills, problem identification and problem-solving skills etc.

When you can use benefits of CRs :

  • price list change
  • change in packaging
  • change in number of SKUs
  • new knowledge you need to share
  • change in remittance
  • new limitation
  • product launch/re-launch
  • best practices sharing
  • time limited discounts
  • product recalls
  • sales on-line
  • elicit potential of a new market

All of benefits are applicable within FMCG, Rx, OTC or B2B market in the whole Czech republic.

Created by Jan Vacek