Temporary replacement

Did you get repeatedly to the situation, when you need to solve temporary replacement of employee, who has fallen ill and the whole team had to redistribute regions? Are there any maternity leaves plan in a couple of months and you know employee is back within a year or even sooner?

In many companies they handled it like that, but sooner or later it led to representative´s work overload and thus to target deprivation. Month and quarter results comparisons are devalued as well.

Free region leads to irretrievable sales and relationship decrease and then needs further future investments and resources to get situation to the former state, if possible anyway.

Modern solution is temporary replacement by external representative, who takes over full agenda (he/she keeps priorities running) and after predefined time he/she returns all data and documents back. The advantage is continuality and quick solution.

Company ProfesHelp provides all bellow mentioned variants:

  • substitution of sudden representative exit

  • temporary substitution in case of maternity leave
  • representative long term illness

Created by Jan Vacek