BTL Promotion

As an alternative or complement to conventional ATL advertising is BTL communication. It includes for example, sales promotion through tastings and presentations, personal selling, sponsorship, POP and POS materials and event management. In BTL is also classified a mystery shopping, which is getting more and more popular. BTL partly includes even some internet advertising.

Sales Support

  • it is a marketing communications, which operates on a customer with additional incentives, which initiates an interest in selling products or services. The main defining characteristic of sales promotion are the time limitations and the active participation of customers. In short, the goal is to increase the sales of the products in a certain time period.

Mystery Shopping


  • method for determining the quality of customer service through fictitious customers, who see the level of environmental, business, communication and negotiation skills of the staff
  • it is a useful tool for staff development and motivation in dealing with customers


  • it is a method of verification if your product is offered by the staff on the point of sale (drugstore, pharmacy, perfume) as a first choice

Sampling / Field and Event Marketing

  • these are advertising campaigns focused on the distribution of samples in direct communication with the consumer. The distribution of samples is done everywhere, where is increasingly high rate of people or in the form of so-called road show - mobile promotion teams are mainly focused on brand communication in specific areas or during special occasions (hockey games, fairs, etc.)

Our services include all the above forms of support.

Created by Jan Vacek