This is a summary of activities carried out in stores in order to improve overall visual quality of custom products on shelves and on the sales floor. The aim is to influence the final decision of the consumer.

Why is merchandising so important?

- 45% of consumers purchase according to plan (However 18p.p.of those customers change their decision about the product and 5p.p. size of purchase)
- 55% of consumers buy on impulse (a decision at the point of sale)

Our services:

  • comprehensive services in international chains and traditional retail outlets in the CR
  • replenishment of the products according to the principles of FIFO on the bases of submitted plans (in collaboration with the client's category management department)
  • inventory optimization
  • distribution monitoring, listing, out of stock, promotions, tracking price trends including competition
  • installing and updating all types of POS materials
  • wrap installation, superior secondary exposure
  • reporting all required information in the agreed frequency
Created by Jan Vacek