Personal Services

Depending on the needs, we provide several types of Personnel Services

Recruitment by

  • interviewpersonal

In most cases it is the guided interview, which part may be a psychological test or expertise. Test results then give HR some guidance / information on the capabilities and skills of candidates. The length of these interviews is usually around 1 - 1.5 hours.

Interviews usually consist of several (2-3) rounds. Successful candidates are invited to another interview - this time with the future boss. This is called the second round. During the meeting, the candidate has an opportunity to obtain detailed information on the job discription and workplace. The advantage for the company is that it meets directly with the candidates who have the matching profile and the required assumptions.

  • assessment/development center

Group form of the selection process is used primarily for staffing positions, where employees are in direct contact with traders, in situations where the candidate is expected to show his ability to assert and exercise his mind. It tests the ability to present well in front of a smaller group of people. Managerial positions require skills to lead and develope the team.

Assessment center usually takes one working day, all candidates are grouped together, and go through various model situations in which they must reach common solutions within the time limit. According to the type of job position the candidates play different roles - for example, the agent goes through a business meeting with his client, the manager works with a team, organizes a meeting, etc.

We find new employees and provide their training. It may be - for example - a pilot project. Subsequently we take over the most successful of them

  • advantage of this method is mainly in the verification of real ability of individuals in the field
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