Samsung merchandisers

Samsung company is characterised by new technologies, by innovativeness and creative solutions. In area of information technologies, in consumer electronics and telecommunication brand Samsung means modern technology and top-class design.

Company motto says:" Inspire world, create future." Samsung has realised, that the most important tool to fulfil this vision are their employees. Samsung put emphasis on personalities recruitment and that was the reason, why Samsung has chosen ProfesHelp company as a partner in 2011. ProfesHelp successfully recruited and trained team of Sambassadors, covering region of the whole Czech republic. Those are the people, who actively implement Samsung philosophy into their daily work.

ProfesHelp - as one of the most important Samsung´s partner - is pleased by sales successes, as well as by words of Senior Retail Manager Mr. Eusik Cho, who says:" ProfesHelp does what the company name claims to do. It provides help professionally. The service brought to us are very satisfying and outstanding from competitors in the industry. Speed and flexibility is ProfesHelp´s mother and father."


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Created by Jan Vacek